Friday, 25 April 2014

Doing It For the Kids!

Got asked to do the School May Fair poster for my boys' school (it's about time i did something!). Thought i'd share my initial direct scribbles, then me tarting it up with the help of photoshop to give them a better idea of the actual poster.... and then my final offering (don't tell me there are typos!). I'm interested in this one as there was something in that middle rendering that i really liked. It was a bit too scruffy for the job it was for (and i didn't want all those parents thinking they could do better!!... they probably still will!) but i liked that directness and energy. I can't really explain, but it's the never ending quest in this line of work, to try and keep that energy, whilst still having a certain degree of finish and coherence. I guess it's the same in most creative endeavours, certainly with pots. You want that direct, fresh energy, but you don't want scruffy sloppiness.... maybe you do? Anyway, think i might draw directly with a fibre tip pen a bit more, stop me getting too fussy (not something i'm accused of often! ; )
I was happy with the colour scheme i used for this. I'm trying to simplify and limit my palette. I like the challenge of having to make a few colours work across a range of things... i do still find myself wanting to colour things their 'real' colours though!

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