Friday, 11 April 2014


Took a couple of moments to colour up a couple of this new series I'm thinking about. I mentioned it in my Road Atlas post, it's titled 'HOME'. I have about 15 decent ones ready to draw up, but i need to deal with 'proper' work first. I have a books worth of artwork to finish for next Friday, about 50 black & white (with tone). They're going well though.
Anyway, i had a fairly fixed idea of how these HOME images would look, bit of texture and richness, with different fragments of scanned papers for the words to sit on... maybe the decorative border.
Then i fiddled, took the colour out, added it back in limitedly and then reintroduced a couple of strong colours. I liked how they went... i do realise that it's back to those flat blocks of colour that i often use!... but then there must be a good reason for that, something about it sits well with me.
To be honest i like them both equally and it's not much more work to do the set in both ways, but i thought i'd see if anyone else had an opinion? I doubt it, the voices out there have evaporated these days! Please feel free to offer any thoughts on any of these posts, i know that trying to post comments can have it's problems. I try and leave comments on friends blogs, but that seems to be a problem if it's from my phone. Anyway, that's about it... just a couple of thoughts about what's going on in the background with me.

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