Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Recent Commission - The Silly Book Of Side Splitting Stuff by Andy Seed

Here's a fun little job i worked on recently, The Silly Book of Side Splitting Stuff, by Andy Seed for Bloomsbury. I do like rattling through long lists of odd things and getting in the flow.... a man riding a pike, a biscuit playing the guitar, singing goat, a penguin jail break. There were about 40 in total. Special thanks to Claire at Bloomsbury, she's a total joy to work with.

Some of the coloured artwork for the cover.

Black and white line drawings on the inside

...Just realised that I illustrated another of Andy's books some years ago, How To Spot A Hadrosaur In A Bus Queue. How did i not make a connection before now?


  1. Outstanding pictures, Scott - good to work with you again. The new book is really eyecatching.

  2. Thanks Andy! I always thoroughly enjoy working on these books, so much fun visual stuff. It really does look good. Nice to be working on your crazy stuff again. Great job!