Thursday, 22 May 2014

Harry Juniper Country Potter

I received these as part of my gifts from Jakki for my birthday recently (43, sheesh!). Jakki went the long way round to get the book, which i appreciated. I've always wanted to see more of Harry's sgraffito work and this book offers up plenty of new viewing. I think Harry works around jugs very fluidly and he's a good draughtsman. I only previously owned two of Harry's smaller jugs, I now also have this small mug with combed decoration and his signature on the base.

Then the other day, while looking up Harry's mugs, i saw this lovely slipware salt pig, or salt kit. It was being sold from Bideford, rather appropriately, so i just bought it. I'd not seen a Harry Juniper salt pig before, it's about 9-10 inches tall. It's nice to have somethings i can actually use, rather than look at on a shelf. Nice to see a bit of slip trailing going on too. I'd still love to get my hands on one of his larger sgraffito jugs though!

An earlier find. Who were Maisie & Denys? why do i own their
Golden Wedding Anniversary jug?
and i've blogged about this small jug before with it's typo!
It should be an A in Giffard, Weare Giffard Hall.
Anyway, it's nicely nestled between a Matt Grimmitt owl and Trinity Court Pottery face tankard/jug
...well, at least i believe this one to be a Juniper.


  1. That's a good book about Harry Juniper. We visited his pottery some months ago. They also had a good selection of his work at the Burton Museum and Art Gallery which was only a stones throw from his studio. Unfortunately we never got to meet him. That,s a very nice salt pig.

    1. Hi Margaret. I'm planning a trip down there at some point, always wanted to check out the Burton. I still need to get up to the Potteries too! Have to 'settle' ; ) for the V&A!