Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Painted Drawers...Or The Family Unit!

Been clearing out my workroom at home (yes, the clay room...shhhh) and thought I'd snap these drawers. Just the usual dull Ikea ones that everyone has, but years ago i'd started to paint on them, intending to make a whole unit covered in family related imagery/photos. I tried to paint them all pretty quickly and not be over fussy. Never completed it, but i still like the ones i did finish.

That's my Grandad. Then me and my big sister in 1977, Queen's Silver Jubilee.
I can still remember standing in my front garden and wearing that hat!
and peeking out at the bottom is my Nephew, the first of mine or my sister's kids
... and he turns 18 this year... Yikes!
This was me when we went to Blackpool to see the 'Illuminations',
I think it was compulsory in the 70's! I can clearly remember sitting next to my Nan.
This still makes me smile. I copied the painting below, which my Mum painted when we were young.
I used the technique of copying a picture with it upside down, i wanted it to be slightly 'off'.
I think i achieved it! 
Love that painting, it now hangs in my workroom, with lots of other relevant nick-nackery.

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