Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Hastings Jack And Blogger Paul

Had a lovely day on Monday out at Hastings Jack In The Green Festival. Great location up on the West Hill overlooking the old town and the fishing fleet. The weather was good, few beers, live music, drumming troupes, morris dancing sides, giants and a big walking bush... sounds good to me. I also met blogger Paul (Bommer), who was visiting from his Norfolk base. It was lovely to finally bump into him and Nick and grab a quick chat before they ventured off to meet up with other friends. Only after they left did i think that i should have got a picture! then i saw these on a friends facebook post and borrowed them. I'm hiding behind Jakki in one and apparently ignoring Paul in the other!... i really wasn't! Anyway, they'll do for this post. Paul's getting fully into making Delft tiles and i can't wait for him to get right on top of the process, we both like a bit of pottery do me and Paul!

Tex & Tennessee not doing a pose for me!.. with one of the giants
Tennessee also lost his first top tooth, not much of a smile though!

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