Monday, 23 June 2014

A Very Pleasant Sunday

Went to see The Delines play at the Green Door Store in Brighton last night. Firstly, it was nice to go to a Sunday night gig, it was a beautiful sunny evening drive to get there, listening to that fantastic Mark Kozelek album, Benji, on the way. It reminded us both of our road trips before the kids. We both agreed Benji would be perfect for desert driving! Being as it was Sunday the roads were quiet and parking was easy and just a couple of mins from the venue.
The Delines are Willy Vlautin's (Richmond Fontaine) new band, one where he isn't the main singer. He's left that to the brilliant Amy Boone (The Damnations). All the band are great and with Sean Oldham on drum duty, you can't go wrong. Their album Colfax is already sounding like a classic. Here's a good review of the album and a review of one of their London gigs. Willy writes amazing songs. There was also such a lovely vibe on stage between the band, you could really tell this was a new project and they were all loving it. Even at the last gig of their tour here, no weariness on show!
The album has only just been released in the US and now they're off to tour it there. You guys are in for a treat. Go find where they are playing near you and get a ticket. These recent shows are now popping up on youtube, so go have a listen to some of their live shows.
As a bonus they even did a cover of a Dolorean track (why don't more people know about Dolorean?), What one bottle can do. Who covers Dolorean?? .... Well, these guys do and it fits perfectly.
Quick nod to the fantastic bass player, Freddie Trujillo and also great keyboard and trumpet by Cory Gray (I think I need to get a bit more trumpet action!) 
The new tracks they played gave a hint at an equally great follow up album, expect more trumpet and flavour!
Great gig, lovely evening and nice to hang out in Brighton for a bit. I rounded off the day with an excellent chicken shawarma!... and the voice of kozalek all the way home. Perfect.

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