Monday, 9 June 2014

The End Is Nigh

Social media themed food, just what the kids were demanding!... wtf? These leapt out at me as i wandered the aisles yesterday. It's depressing that food can't look like food, but hey they are made with REAL potatoes... and look, you can dunk them in REAL ketchup, made with REAL tomatoes (just don't ask Monsanto how REAL those tomatoes are ; )
Our days are surely numbered, the bees seem to be helping us out with that one.


  1. Oh my God Scott, I could sit here and type for hours on the subject of bad food, and the stupidity that is rampant on this planet,why do the stupids outnumber us?!?!

  2. Tracey! great to hear your 'voice' on here again... not that you've got that kind of time these days. Maddening isn't it? I'm not perfect, i eat my fair share of junk that i know has no good background, it's my struggle. I'm trying to take it up a notch. I think the more i actually post this stuff and make it real, the more likely i am to rail against it. It's a good thing. I'd like to read your essay on bad food and stupidity though ; ) Stay happy Tracey and best to Gerry (he could straighten me out and make me see sense i think)... and Congrats on the recent Anniversary.