Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Fatigue Of The Long Distance Runner

This is what i feel every day... and i don't run! (At least it's what i imagine it would feel like, only i don't get any of those health benefits, just the fatigue).

Damn these mysterious, invisible conditions which descend on so many of us. Could be a million things, could be anything, guesswork, stick a pin in and take a stab at it. How do you pin it down? where do you start? GP's are as much use as the internet, "take it easy, relax, take a warm bath, drink warm milk at bedtime" is this the 21st century? Mask it with pharmaceuticals? throw them in the mix, spit them out into the system, pollute the water, drug the landscape. Who has time to chase ghosts? try acupuncture, reflexology, kinesiology, a myriad of different things? something might work, all of them might not. Should you try anyhow? pursuing ghosts, magical solutions. Or am i just lazy? is it all in my head? there's a lot in there, why not? Try and ignore it? plough on, try and run it off, keep on running... I am the long distance runner.

Drape me in a foil blanket and hang a medal around my neck.


  1. I would just about bet this is food allergy. I heard a great story about tomatoes,corn and citrus causing any of these symptoms. My daughter went through a similar thing when she was 17, lasted about a year and then it just went away. No idea what it was but I just fed her well....she got better. Hope you do too!

  2. Hopefully it gets figured out/resolved at some point Tracey. I try not to let it 'become my story', but every so often it just wears me down. I think i just have unshakeable anxieties too and that can cause a lot of problems. Anyway, i shall tuck it away for another stretch now and get on with it. I'll have a read up on those allergies, but it doesn't seem like that to me, for a start i don't eat enough of either of those! It's got to be something though.

  3. it's time for another dr appointment. i say we get a referral to london somewhere! anywhere! you know i think you are amazing and you handle it all so brilliantly. you are an amazing person scottie garrett. xx