Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Art As Album

I've always thought how much more I like the music world's model of creating an album of work, rather than the illustration world's ever rolling model. We just keep tacking new work on while dropping a few old bits off. The portfolio/folio/book/website model. I prefer the music version of going off, working on a body of work that sits cohesively together. You package it, release it and the hit the road to tour it. Then while out on the road you start to plan and build your next album.
I'd like to work this way, so in a way I am.

I'm currently working on my new, ahem... album (as yet untitled). Due for release late February. I'll put it up and promote it a bit, see what work comes from that. Hopefully there will be at least one hit on it! 
I may even create it's own cover art and track listing! Go the whole hog ...actually for that I would need to get a notorious manager who could screw me out of my fortune! ( I'll have to settle for my agent ;-) (kidding!)

Looking forward to getting it up on the website. I't's progressing well, there are some interesting tracks... sorry, images.

provisional album cover... and title.

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