Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Small Victories

I was notified last week by Sara, the lovely designer on the Here's Hank books, that the series had made it onto The New York Times Best Seller list for children's series! It doesn't make me any richer, but it's nice to know the books are doing well and my illustrations didn't sink them! (I don't ask for much do i ;-)

(It seems it's now dropped back off! but hopefully it get's back on soon! I should have written this last week when it happened, but i was away for a few days, hey ho.)

Illustrators don't always get the credit they deserve, it's mostly the authors, but I've been made to feel like an integral part of this series from the very beginning. It's very much appreciated.

Thank you Grosset & Dunlap!


  1. NYT Best Seller List is impressive no matter how long you are on it!

  2. Thanks Suzi! It did make me laugh though, as soon as i told everyone it disappeared from the list! I'm just not quick enough these days.