Monday, 9 February 2015

Pickle Crazy, Fermented Vegetables

Love this! Alex Hozven at Cultured in Berkeley, California. Pickle passion, i can see how it happens. My fermented stash is growing, but i need to keep adding to it. My recent kimchi is looking great and tastes amazing, though it probably needs another week. Going to make another batch of krautchi at the weekend, maybe with beetroot and apples this time. Would really like to try some good kombucha, before i think about trying to actually make some. Also want to try a wild fermented cider, without actually adding the yeast. Might just try it with a small amount of good natural local apple juice. I like the simplicity of that approach.

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  1. we have cider kits where I work and I have been tempted to get one and try it. Working on my kombucha right now, finally I think I get it after three batches. This batch is the best yet. So much better than what you get in the store, I like less carbonation and making it myself, I can control that.
    I have started fermenting cauliflower, carrot and green bean, then topping the jar off with a bit of olive oil and red pepper flakes to cover. Whole new amazing good flavor!