Wednesday, 7 September 2011

...Go Home !

Here's a little set of images I've been working up recently. They may become prints in the shop someday. I'd like to screen print them and I've kept these all to only 3 colours, just to get me thinking that way.

I wanted this last vampire one to have something of an Edward Gorey feel, so i added the hatch shading. Now it just looks like something my friend Tom Gauld might have done ( have a good look at his site, he's an amazing artist, as well as a lovely guy... makes you sick!). It was good to catch up with Tom and all the other illustrators and my agents, Heart, at their Summer bash and Camp on Sat. I took my boys on my own as Jakki was working, but they behaved better than i expected and the camping over night was a lot less stressful than i was anticipating! ( the booze helped!!)


  1. These are great Scott. (Ha, Great Scott!) (Probably never hear that do you?) Sorry. Anyhow. Thanks for that link to Tom's site too, totally cool.

  2. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. I love these and will post the link to the page on my Facebook. MORGAN

  3. These are delightful.