Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Pictures on Walls

My friend John sent me this quick snap of my work on his wall (in a lovely old frame i found months ago). The window, just out of shot, looks straight out to sea...and i'm very envious. I'd love to look out to sea and watch storms build and pass... much more than sunsets... maybe i wouldn't if i actually owned the place about to be battered by the storm. Though our storms aren't quite the same as those Stateside! Anyway, It's always nice to see a piece of my work out there in the real world, doing what it should do. Pictures in frames, on walls, in homes, always look so much nicer than just an image on a website... or in an online shop.. hint, hint.
Maybe it's about time i had a small exhibition and let a few of these pieces breathe? Get them out there to mingle with real people (real people with a drink in them... much more purchase friendly!)


  1. YES, you should show them somewhere! or do some art festivals with them....
    What I would give to have a view of the ocean from my house! Lucky, lucky man!!!

  2. Thanks Tracey. It's weird. I'm so used to my work being used in printed form, that i've always ducked away from it being art on walls, without a purpose, no text to accompany or product to sell, just there on it's own for it's own sake. I'm happy with it being that now and i promise i will get some out there in the real world very soon.
    I also really appreciate having you watching over my shoulder, it's nice to know people are out there, interested and willing to share.
    I hope your stencils work out this time, i can see great thing happening with them. Nice to see experienced potters still struggling with new things, boy i can relate to that!

  3. You definitely should put together an exhibit, you brilliant artist, you.

    A view of the ocean is soothing, but that and actually living on the beach are two different things. I lived "on the sand" in famous Malibu CALIFORNIA for two years and when those waves hit the beach, it was like an earthquake. The tide came in and the beach disappeared as the water went under the house. Fortunately ours was on stilts. That said, I'd still live on the beach if I could.