Thursday, 15 September 2011

Slipware Face Cup

Here's that little cup that i posted to Matt and he fired and glazed for me. It was so nice to finally see how all the slips had worked, or not. I was happy with the results, even though my white slip was probably a bit thin. It seemed to work Ok over the body, but where it's over the black slip you can see that it's thin. Most of it's use has just been on the clay body, so most of what I have already made should come out ok. Same with my black slip i think, but then I'd never really intended for a jet black, just something much darker.. which I've got. I'll probably make my first batch of glaze a bit darker, bit more iron oxide, than the one Matt used on this pot.
I'm so grateful to Matt for all his time, help and assistance. It makes all the difference when you're starting out. Hopefully one day I'll have picked up enough knowledge to pass on to someone in a similar position.
Cheers Matt!

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  1. I am meeting with two good friends today that I have known for the past 6 years, and they have taught me most of what I know about clay. Potters are very giving people! Great cup, you are coming along just fine, you'll be a full time potter before you know it :)