Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fracking Idiots Are Here!

Oh boy! Just discovered last week that the South East coast is prime for fracking and it seems our county, East Sussex, may just be one of the first to resist. I'd like to write more, but I've a lot on... so here's a great link to learn more about this crazy new gas source. Hoping that our fears over our dependency on oil from the Middle East will allow them to roll this out. It's just crazy... everything about it, from fracturing the earth, to the chemical cocktail they have to pump in and the little they actually end up cleaning up! This is mainly for the UK crowd, as you guys Stateside have had Tracey's blog to educate us!! Go Tracey!!
Anyway, it's coming to a town near us soon.Try and get to see the documentary, Gasland by Josh Fox, it'll be a real eye opener and you'll wonder how the hell you have never heard of this before.I will come back to this in the future, but now you've been warned and hopefully educated.. SAY NO TO FRACKING... it's just madness.


  1. OH NO!!!!! Our dumb ass Governor here in NC has changed her mind and is moving ahead with fracking plans for NC, there are lots of battles going on in my county where the fracking will get it's start, because there are lots of poor uneducated FOOLS here! A friend of mine is working on a documentary as a message to NC called Dispersed, you might be able to google it and find some info.
    Fight the good fight Scott, this is going to ruin our planet!!!!!!!

  2. it's the scariest shit ever, and why aren't more people (everyone) fighting it???

  3. It's the weirdest thing how it just slips under the radar, no one knows and hardly anyone has even heard of it... and yet they're lining up sites all along this coast. I must actually pull myself out of my own little bubble and get involved locally, I must!