Wednesday, 4 April 2012

It's Definitely Something!

Well, It's a jug, but i don't know what else to add! I just tried a variety of things on it and kept going... can you tell?! It has it's origins in a variety of different pots. It's part monkey jug/ face jug, medieval water cistern and a french medieval type pot i saw in ceramic review a few issues ago (but i can't seem to find other examples or pictures of it! they were very spherical with a short neck, three handles and a spout, along with the little decorative rope things... they were at Maison Patrimoniale de Barthète). Anyway, mainly face jug and this French style of pot. I wasn't even going to put it on here at all, It's such an odd beast... and probably quite a monstrosity to a lot of potters, but this is my path and I'm taking it where i want... just because I can... it's all for me!! Anyway, I'm bonding with it and if it takes the coating of slip ok then I'll be even happier. Oh yes, I'm going to add even more when i do a little sgraffito on it too!!.. not much though. I do wish the spout had been  a little more..... considered. I may just have time to sort that. One of the three handles was a little too 'beefy' at the top too... lazy pulling! Anyway, lets see how it finishes up. It's about 10 inches in all directions.


  1. jug head? looking forward to seeing what you do with slip. rock on!

  2. Wow, lovely work Scott. Totally bonkers!

  3. Handles are looking good! I see some Southern face jug influence in those eyes. The forehead spout adds plenty of tension. Makes my head hurt a bit. Ha. Well done. Hope the slip goes on okay. It's always tricky with these types of pots.