Monday, 30 April 2012


I really haven't had much to blog about recently, just the daily grind, nothing of much note... or work I can't yet post up here (which can be frustrating some times!) Anyway, I have been doing these for myself. Running through a whole set of ideas based on the idea of loss. Inspired by the cheap, photocopied Lost Pet flyers. I wanted to keep them super simple, so no colour or tone, just line. i drew them all tiny too, so i wouldn't get too fussy or precious over the drawings. Each character is drawn about 4 or 5 cm tall. I have about 30 or so worked up to A4 and i want to reach 40, before i decide what i can actually do with them. I want to play around a bit with the actual sheet of A4 too, maybe fold it and hide a character or tear a piece out etc It's my usual theme of mostly single character, given a stage for their response to the title. As much as i fight this limited format of mine, i keep coming back to it... it's what comes most naturally, I'm obviously doing it for some reason... i just don't understand it, so I'm trying not to over think it this time. This is what i do. It speaks without me having to over-dress it all.


  1. Love em! Charming, poignant and funny.

  2. I think all of us can relate to these themes at some point in our lives. My poor girl child is dealing with the end of her first year of college and leaving her new boyfriend for the summer. She is sooooo lost and I am lost for words to help her. I think "lost" is a constant in all of our lives. Why aren't we given better tools to deal with it!
    Love these drawings, very thought provoking :)

  3. those are great Garrett.. I enjoyed them!

  4. I think it's hard for us to accept 'what comes naturally' to us. For me it's b/c I compare my work to other's work that I really love and that moves me. And I wish I would have thought to do it. But my work is good in what it is too and it moves me. I guess maybe I'm just to close to it to really feel the effects.

    I like the very minimal nature of what you do. Your drawings and words say TONS without having all the extras. It's good stuff. Very good indeed.

    Hope you get some free moments to make some pottery.

  5. Thanks folks, always nice to hear your 'voices'... and even better that potters are digging the drawn world... I worry that all this 2D talk will lose me my good 3D folk! These drawings have been fun and also a nice challenge and may now lead to some new promo, which could be good.
    As for pots, I've made a few bits, but i can't stick every dry clay pot on the blog, as I've done in the past. You guys want to see real (fired) pots now! I have a good new contact, with a lot of knowledge and experience. He's offered to help me move this pottery of mine on, towards real pots. We shall see. he's also kindly offered to trade my photoshop knowledge for some throwing tuition. We shall see, we're going to arrange something next week. We shall see.
    Thanks again for checking in and being nice and everything, some times we need it!!
    Ron, at times i dream of free moments! and a bit of solitude would be a treat occasionally.
    Jakki's working tonight, so maybe I'll treat myself to wasting some lumps of clay on the wheel (It's my birthday today!). I did get out last night though, so don't go feeling sorry for me all on my own!... i'll get to hangover cures in a future post!

  6. ... went a bit crazy with the 'we shall see' there... only just read it back... maybe i should have done that first!