Thursday, 19 April 2012

Memory Jugs cont.

When I made that memory jug for Jakki, i received a kind comment from Laurie Beth Zuckerman (also asking for a bit more info on my use of the red under the gold, as in old-school gilding). It was a pleasant surprise as I instantly recognized Laurie's name from my initial discovery of these fantastic folk art objects. I'd even put together a little sheet of her jugs, which i printed out and it sits just above my mac. She makes beautiful memory jugs, do check them out. Anyway, it put Laurie back on my radar and i saw she had a cd book available to buy on her blog, $20, so i did..... and it's FANTASTIC!! I highly recommend buying a copy. Not only is there a great selection of images, jugs both historical and those made by Laurie herself, but there's also a wealth of information from the history of these jugs to how to make your very own (mine was a rather scattershot approach in comparison!!). Here are just a few examples of what you will find if you wisely buy a copy. Laurie kindly gave me permission to use some of her images on here. Beautiful aren't they. I'm looking forward to making my next one now!.... along with getting back to the pottery soon (have i promised that before???!). Also, Lorna, our studio owner, has also offered to teach me to throw on her electric wheel in our studio. Help is always appreciated!! I've found it hard on my kick wheel, as i forget the momentum when i'm concentrating on the clay and vice-versa!! To be honest though, I just haven't given it the time it requires of me, I've been all over the place this year, too many daily stresses and worries to feel I can just go and make pots. It's coming up for a year since I bought my first batch of clay, so I'm hoping that will give me a jolt to move it to the next level...... i did say 'hoping'!


  1. You know I am totally loving these things! I should make a "memory house". That would be fun!

  2. hey Tracey, I'm getting a bit obsessed too... buy the cd!!
    It would be nice to have a mix of molded sprigs and real objects, then some are physically more a part of the structure, but with a few objects for that extra dimension . get your plaster out!!... there, you have your wood fired work sorted!!