Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Parallel Universe

My exhibition opening went well, with some good sales. It was a good private view... except that i over did things on the booze front, when will I ever learn??? That meant i missed the other sale I was meant to do on Sat!... and so lost sales, bummer. Anyhow I thought I'd put a couple of these older Parallel Universes up on here. They were very popular at the gallery on Friday and I'd only thought of including them a couple of days earlier. I think I need to go back and revisit these and get them working for me again. I might even look back in to the idea of making a book of them. I shall be putting prints of these up on the shop soon and change them around more often to cover more of the range. They will be £15 an A4 print, they look great framed and it was really nice to see the smiles on peoples faces. When i created them originally for the Independent on Sunday (Review magazine), I never got to see that. I never got to see folk read the magazine and see their reactions. I miss doing these every week, it was a great job and nice to have to keep coming up with ideas. "Thanks" to Jonathan Christie and Sara Ramsbottom, who commissioned me and helped edit as we went along . Anyway, I'll make another post when they are in the shop, i may even clear the shop out and only have these for a while. Enjoy!


  1. Haha! These are so great,love the snowmen the most I think, or maybe the apples..... Hmmmmmm.....

  2. Hey Tracey, you see a bit of joy, it's nice to see. I have around 240 of these suckers boxed up somewhere... i have freed about 20 so far, but most will be getting a release date soon ( there will be one or two that never get to see the light of day though!... more for the drawing quality than the idea). I'll put a few more up at the end of the week. Be nice if i can start sending a few out into the World.

  3. Will be fun to see more of these. Wow, 240. It must have been daunting sometimes to come up w. ideas. Or maybe not. ? I like the snowmen one a lot too.