Thursday, 6 December 2012

Talking of Gifts...

I received a package from fellow blogger Tracey last week, what a lovely surprise! A great old book on English Country Crafts that she'd found whilst digging around someplace. I've no idea how Tracey manages to think of these things, Tracey said she thought of my family when she saw it. How nice is that! There's even a very thorough section on how to dig your own local clay, process it and then weather it properly, brilliant! very old-school. Now i just need to keep some chickens and make my own baskets! (believe me, i would... I've still got a few years left!... i should probably crack this pottery conundrum first!!). On that front, my throwing is coming along, starting to 'feel' my way into it, getting the rhythm and flow going... and a bit more height! I have my weak points, but i shall be focusing on them, cue watching lots more clips on youtube of clay spinning! Anyway, just wanted to share one fellow bloggers kindness to another. Thank you Tracey.

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  1. My pleasure! It is such a funny little book, but for some reason it reminded me of your pottery. Enjoy!