Monday, 5 August 2013

Backyard Farming in LA

Interesting and useful. Obviously not me! I was watching a few of these films last night and thought I'd share this one with you guys. There is also their website Root Simple, which looks like it has lots of interesting stuff on it. Our neighbours have had scaffolding up for a couple of weeks now, which has blocked out our Sky TV signal, so no TV... which i was down with from the start, i'm only going to need it when the Football season kicks in... i need Match Of The Day, if only for the comfort that the theme tune brings to most men! I recommend subscribing to Kirsten Dirkesen's you tube channel, so many cool and interesting films, better than any channel on TV. Now i really should start growing stuff (well, other than herbs and the fruit trees i do nothing to!). I've no idea why i do so little of this stuff i watch and deeply approve of... like i said, NOT USEFUL!


  1. So many great things to take away from this film, I think that is the same bread I have been making, but I love the idea of using a cast iron pot

  2. Hey Tracey! Make sure you check out their root simple website/blog... the 'how to' and 'food' sections are really interesting. Has a section on cooking bread in the dutch oven too. I shall be spending a few more hours on this site... i may even put some of it into action! as a guy, i've got the urge to make the bucket rocket stove.. FIRE!!!