Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Modern Life

Been waiting for tomorrow all of my life... and now i have yesterday.

I have finally... FINALLY... got myself an iphone and some data useage! my phone is no longer just a phone (and not even one with a camera, recently... the shame) . I was going to say I'm up to date, but I'm never up to date, it's already old technology, but frankly I'm just not that bothered about being cutting edge when it comes to tech. I just need it to function. Hopefully it will help me get more on this blog and keep it going. Be nice to start putting some of my own pics back on here for starters, been a bit dry. Anyway, thought it qualified as a big news day ; ) Now, to go find a log to wrap it in and take it's tech edge away from it!

He knew his days were numbered (but then so are mine... curse you Calendars!)

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