Friday, 9 August 2013

Swearing At Motorists

Great name, great band! A brilliant rock duo. Dave Doughman is an amazing frontman/showman, infectious energy! Some of my favourite gigs have been by these guys, the best ones were also joint gigs with Scout Niblett (Duke of Anxiety, performed here, is a Swearing at Motorist track), one at the Buffalo Bar in Islington stands out. I don't get to so many gigs these days, not since becoming a Dad and moving out of London and down to Hastings... however, I am of out to one tomorrow night. Local band (but much more than just that!) Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell will be rocking it at the Tubman. I'm going with my mate Mark and he'll be talking about permaculture, Jack Spirko and 'every citizen a sentinel'! We shall have a fine time, drink some beers (too many... or should that be 'enough') and hear the great sounds of the Shovell!! Looking forward to it, i shall feel hairily at home! It'll certainly blow any cobwebs away : 0

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