Friday, 2 August 2013

Time Flies...

When you're working hard! I have things to blog, but never the time, or being at my screen to do so. I seem to have a lot of new folks checking this blog out... and now no new content! I have a really interesting potential project floating around and just so many deadlines coming at me from all angles... i need a PA! i'm not kidding!! i'm certainly not moaning though, i like to be kept on my toes, but i also really like to blog stuff. Texas told me earlier that i have a really easy job, "you just, you know, sit there and draw stuff... it's really easy". I couldn't disagree with that! but I told him the hard bit was when everyone wanted the easy drawing bit all at once (and sooner than it takes to do it) and having to deal with all the other issues of money/ contracts etc.... i think his eyes started to glaze over at the words 'hard bit..." : )  I did get him to draw me a "posh guy" that i was going to need to draw and i just might be 'borrowing' his inspired take. Now if I can only get Tennessee to be my PA..... on second thoughts...


  1. Anyone who is self employed gets those comments. Plus the idea that you can take time off whenever you want.

    Proge's father, who was a builder, called it The Happy Carpenter Syndrome! "It must be wonderful to work with your hands " (like little elves doing saw and hammer sound effects) And yes the work was loved, but dealing with all the other stuff....customers, architects, building inspectors, not so much.

    Enjoy the week end.

  2. I can sympathize, especially lately when I've been working in education and doing some freelance work - people seem to assume I'm always on holiday or just scribbling the odd picture. (Alright, so it's not like I'm always working myself to the bone, but it's hardly a full-time vacation...)