Thursday, 30 January 2014

Nearly There...

My Earl of Rone puppet is very nearly done, I just need to paint his string of ships's biscuits and hang them around his neck. I made him some nice crude, little hands out of cut down bamboo skewers wrapped in a bit of mod-roc. I like the feel of them for him. I've fixed his hood in place and made him some legs. I might not attach them, for now i'm going to just use a couple of safety pins to see how i feel. It's nice that they are stiff enough to just stand up by themselves under his costume, for display purposes. I found the perfect stand for him in an old 99p mug tree with a few of the pegs cut off, i might customise it to feel a bit more like woodland.


  1. I love his little hands and feet Scott,
    Is it wrong to want to give him a cuddle?! He just looks so....lost

    P.S. loving the bonus peek at your groovy pad in the background too!

    1. Hi Peter

      He's had his cuddles. It's funny how much character they take on, i can even imagine how he would walk and shuffle through the undergrowth... and how big he'd be if he was real (about 4ft 6"). It's an interesting mantlepiece . I think the Earl might have a permanent place there now.
      How's your's coming along?

  2. My puppet is still waiting impatiently to be made,
    seeing the colossal strides other contributers have made puts me to shame! I intend to knuckle down in the coming weeks,once some other projects are out the way. I am seriously itching to get started!!

  3. You may think you know him. You may think he's cuddly. But if you didn't know where he was from or know his vague origins... You may think, at a glance, he's just committed a very very heinous, unspeakable act. Something unnatural. Something he thought his facepaint could hide. Look, he's just trying to wipe his little bamboo hands on his hessian tunic - in self disbelief - it's a dark mess he's made. A very bad scene. The woodland chipmonk is giving him a reassuring headnudge, but can't even look. See. But poor Bambi, poor poor Bambi knows, she's seen, seen it all before too, and doesn't want to be there. She can't help him this time. She wants to move away from Earl. It's not a cuddly scene. Don't be fooled.

  4. This post os full of treasure. Scott's fantastic Earl of Roan puppet (please, please leave the legs on… they're absolutely in the 'Punch' tradition) and Marvin's darkly beguiling scenario, which makes me urge him to write the whole short story for Scott to play out with his cast of puppet and cuddly woodland creatures! Brilliant!

  5. Marvin! took me a minute to realise you actually are a crackpot i knew! That's brilliant, you can write the full story up anytime pal. Maybe when Andrew gets his touring cart up, we can have guest performances!
    Clive, the legs are staying. Marvin, is a friend of many talents you should definitely check out... and a natural story teller.