Friday, 24 January 2014

The Puppet Begins

I started forming the head for my Earl of Rone puppet last night. Very crude form at the moment, but even this much has given me ideas about how i want his final eyes and mouth to look. He obviously still needs that distinctive angular nose too. It all needs a coat or two of polyfilla, my medium of choice! I want the surface to be semi smooth, but pitted, that's why i've gone for this rough paper pulp base layer.  I want it to feel like an old punch and Judy puppet, that's seen a bit of wear and tear. I've decided that i want him to feel like he's been hiding out in the woods for years and years. We'll see how he ends up, but i'm expecting he'll look a bit desperate and maniacal... like he's gone feral! Well, wouldn't you?

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  1. If you like puppets check out or google paper hand puppet intervention. It's a local puppet group here that is absolutely amazing. Check out their website, I think you will like it.