Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year, Simple Goals

.... but not necessarily achievable! Ha, that's a good start! I'm just trying not to kid myself and you'll discover why once i get to the last one!

• My main goal is to make ONE pot that is actually fully functional, glaze staying on and everything. I've had to let things slide with the pottery due to the sheer volume of work this year, alongside having a family! I'm going to step it up this year though, even though I'm still stupidly busy. Going to start with the kiln and finally get it converted to a digital controller, it will give me a lot more scope to play around with temperatures and soaks etc. Needs to be done. Then i need to look again at glaze and try another batch, just in case i mixed it wrong (I'm fairly sure i triple checked every step). I may look at other glaze options, but i do love those lead based glazes.

• The next aims are to just be more local, buying local, putting money into the small shops and not the lazy option that just sucks all that money out of the community it serves, sending it off to head office and all the shareholders. Screw them. I will still be walking the supermarkets though, but if i can reduce my use i'll be happier.

Also just tuning in a bit more generally to my community and making the effort to get out to all the great events this town puts on. Sometimes i close that front door of mine and just want to hole-up, but i need to show my support by getting out to them.

• This next one is going to be a challenge, but i'm starting small... even though the problem isn't!
The problem is dog sh*t and this town has a real problem with it. Too many irresponsible owners. I'm not sure how i can reduce it, but it's worth a try. I'm focusing on 3 or 4 streets that surround the school over the road from our house. As it has long stretches of fencing and walls, but no direct residents, people find it a good place to let their dogs go... regardless of the fact it's a primary school with lots of young kids. I know, you just can't get in these peoples mindset can you?
Anyway, i've discussed it with Mark and i think we can have a bit of a multi-pronged approach. One will be to provide bags somehow, so no one gets caught short and removing one easy excuse. I have another plan, which will use my drawings to try and bring everyones attention to it at least. It's going to be ongoing. Some efforts will be false starts I'm sure, but i think it's time to do something. You can shrug your shoulders for so long and say "what can you do? they won't stop"... or you can try. At least make them very aware that they know exactly what they are doing when they don't bother to clear up after their dog.
i may be using this character to help me with my mission

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

wish me luck!


  1. Agree totally regarding dog mess. We live on the Wales Coastal Path (perfect dog walking environment) and the community council recently provided bags and bins in abundance. It has made a huge difference. Cheers! Widge

    1. Let's hope it can make a difference here. I'm by passing bothering with councils and just doing it myself. Considering spraying them too, maybe with a number on pavement and see if there are less of the later numbers, get some idea of reduction. It's definitely ongoing!

  2. I wrote to the council when my children were little about a road near our school, after a particularly bad "buggy poo slalom". I wasn't expecting much but within a week there were bins and signs up and much less poo! Good luck :)

  3. Hey Liza
    I may well push the council on this, but to start i just wanted to get something going on the ground. A little local guerilla resistance, rather than just pass it on to the authorities. Glad you got yours improved though.