Friday, 3 January 2014

Xmas and into 2014

Well, that sure flew by. Had a very nice quiet little Christmas with just the 4 of us. I'll have to catch up with my wider family soon. Thought I'd post a couple of photos of our Christmas day visitor, our friend Thad Skews... or Optimum of the Universe, as he was for this performance! 

He volunteered to do a select group of mini house gigs on Christmas day and i took him up on one of his slots. It was really nice, he just played 4 songs, shared a bite and a drink and then he was off to his next gig just around the corner. A Christmas troubadour, a wandering minstrel and a very lovely and generous idea of Thad's it was (he's a real lovely guy). Thad normally plays as Unicorn Dad V Robot Dad.... and mostly in costume, but for these he was working without... except for his mask of himself!... just to give him some protection : ) Tennessee enjoyed trying it out for size.

Optimum in action

Tennessee trying Optimum on for size.

I think they were enjoying themselves?

I like these tree decorations that Jakki made a couple of years ago
out of party glasses and cake decorations. Much better than a posh bauble.


  1. I see a Christmas etsy shop in Jaki's future,love the ornament! And you do have the most beautiful children, you know that don't you?! Hope you have a wonderful 2014 with your family!

    1. Happy New Year Tracey! and yes, i consider myself very fortunate to have such lovely boys, they're getting funnier by the day too. Here's to 2014... and looking forward to seeing what you've got cooking up in your head!