Monday, 1 December 2014

Clay Owl

Got the clay going again, hooray! Started with a little slab cylinder which i paddled out to this body shape. Just wanted lots of bit's and lumps for the thin white slip to run over. Not sure yet what i'm doing with the windows on the base, probably a bit of sgraffito of some kind. I just wanted to make a little plinth for him to stand on.

I feel weird when i make things with no function, even if it doesn't get used for it. I was going to make a lid, so something could go inside the plinth, but then i decided to just keep this one simple, get it done and move on. I want to get this clay thing going again and make good pots, so i'm going to have to blast through some stuff and try and solve the problems along the way. The problem with it now as opposed to back when i was making the pottery before is now i know much more! I know what to be fearful of, all the things that could go wrong, all those little problem areas.
Also, now i want much more, better pots. My standard has sky rocketed, but my skills haven't. It's going to be a struggle, but i'm just going to have to do it. Suffer with me!  ; )

Anyway, it's a start and it was so nice to lose myself in the making process. It was good to be back!


  1. I love the owl dude, I reckon the angst levels and suffering are gonna sky rocket though!

  2. He's an awesome fellow Scott!

    he looks a bit like he's made from chocolate (and enormous!) or is that just me?

    Nice one for getting the clay going again :)

    I've been clearing out the garage, so I can see my kiln again at last. I'm inching closer.

  3. Thanks guys. Peter, he collapsed yesterday when i slipped him! i might have salvaged his upper half for a paper weight! I kinda knew it was going to happen, but did it anyway! the top of the plinth caved in. Onwards!