Monday, 8 December 2014

New Ferment On

Yep, got my ferment on again last weekend, what a lovely way to spend some time. Much slicing and shredding. Two huge cabbages helped create this batch. Recreated my last one that was so good, with the onion, carrot, garlic, ginger, coriander seeds and chilli. Then I took it up a notch and made this one which is still just cabbage, onion and carrot... But I made a spicy pepper paste, which got mixed through. I hope it turns out good, tasted great at the time.

I managed to make two jars of this, each on holds 1 litre

I'm definitely into this sauerkraut and kimchi vibe, it's so simple to make, really tasty and very good for you and your gut. The first batch of red cabbage that I made is now coming into its own. It's taken a month, but it's good. You've got to be patient with these krauts, especially as the weather is cooler. I've got a hot pepper sauce fermenting away and I'm leaving that out for a good month before I give it a blitz and refrigerate. The ones I just made should be good by Christmas. Now go make some kraut!

I used a beetroot end as a plug on top, i thought it would add just a little deep red colour,
but it's really going for it!

Bulk version of my last kraut, about 2 litres worth


  1. I'm doing small jars of red radish and green apple with coriander seed and a chilie pepper for heat. I only ferment them a week, can't wait any longer to eat them they are so good! Love the fermenting foods too, my digestive system is soooo much better.

  2. God that sounds lovely, will try something similar. How well do they ferment? I know the cabbage is a very good fermenting base, a magical veg. I worry about the lacto presence without it to kick it all off. I had a taste of the hot one yesterday tracey and it was really good. The big one will get started at the weekend i think. I like to give mine at least 2 weeks and then see how it develops over the next couple. It just seems a bit plain and like mild salted veg otherwise. I like that lactic acid, pickled twang! Your recipes certainly trump mine though!! let's keep it going!

  3. Mine are just starting to suck all that juice back up, i think that's my clue to when an initial phase is over. It bubbles and it produces loads of liquid ... then slowly it starts to take it back in.

  4. Re the lacto presence.... The recipe book suggests using a bit of whey to encourage the lacto, but I'm doing it vegan so I leave out that step. I just make sure they stay anaerobic. The chilie pepper gives it the kick and also I have used ginger for some flavor. I think you have got it going on with the cabbage though. I didn't chop mine fine enough and it's quite crunchy!