Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Yep, It's Come To This...

Look at this poster by the local fire service (I'm not even going to get into the design aspects, what's going on with the typography ghost?!). Me and Marky saw it the other weekend and couldn't quite believe the message. Maybe just don't drink and cook would have been a better angle (though I couldn't endorse that! cooking's just that bit more civilised with a glass and a good tune). This was more like just keep drinking, but forget about the cooking part... Get a takeaway! Haha I still can't believe this is a public message. No more cooking, nourishing your family, get a take away it's safer! Well, we all like a drink ; )

Look forward to the ambulance services poster in a few years when people start dropping left right and centre!

Sweet Jesus... "get a take away!"

We're doomed!!! Idiocracy!


  1. This is so strange I can't wrap my head around it!
    Question: How many kitchen fires are caused by sober negligence? Both my sister and sister-in-law started kitchen fires by leaving combustable stuff on stove tops. Neither one drank!

  2. Even more crazy on second inspection. Public money spent on this too, the mind truly boggles.....