Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Fail To Succeed?

My resolution for 2015? Here it is. I'm going to fail! Everything I planned to achieve last year i failed, so this year i'm going to set out planning to fail. Just fail. Every time i aim for something i seem to fail, so why not make failing my target... i might even achieve it!

I'm going to do stuff with the intention of it failing. I'm going to make terrible pots, beautiful failures, otherwise I won't get any good. I might make other stuff, things that will probably fall apart. Try stuff out, knowing that it doesn't matter if it fails. Failure is my new success. What can go wrong? Everything hopefully!


  1. beautiful man - embrace the failures - I'll do that too....

  2. I heard a great quote the other day about having low expectations, and then when things went well, you were pleasantly surprised. Wish I could remember exactly how it went. Pretty good philosophy in a way.... good luck failing!