Thursday, 22 January 2015

Harry Juniper & Leonard Knight

I received a belated Christmas present from Jakki at the weekend... This splendid tankard from the Bideford Pottery! (which holds more than your average pint pot ;-)

You know I love a bit of Harry Juniper (and the pottery world he represents). Anyway, as she often does, Jakki cooked something special up for me and got me this commissioned pot. It's based on a print I made, that hangs in our kitchen, of Salvation mountain and the man who made it, Leonard Knight.

I love that it's brought these two worlds together, an ocean apart, but now in my hands. It reminds me also of the fusion pots I'm desperate to be able to make. Where it's not purely one tradition, but a fine mess. Where I can mix those fine folk pots, like those from Georgia and the North Carolina with these traditional Slipware pots. As long as it serves the pot. Certain things always seem to stay in certain traditions, but it's good to cross pollinate, mix it up and muddy the water occasionally ( do you know that 'occasionally' is the word I struggle to spell most! Tricky bugger).

i love to still see these old school gold labels!

The print i created for Leonard and his mountain

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