Friday, 9 January 2015


You could watch this video of Stefan Sagmeister and get annoyed that he has the means to just take a year off and still fund little pet projects.... but i liked it and liked what he did with his time and how that would then inform a long stretch of work after. Shake things up a bit, freshen it all up. I'd love to be in a position to do that.

Just giving myself two weeks over Christmas to think and forget the paid work, really helped me think of future avenues and what i really wanted from my work. Imagine what a year might do! I've got such a backlog now of work i want to make, things i want to get printed, objects i want to make and clay that has to get over this hump.

I rounded up all my little pet projects and had another look at them, there's 15 with the potential to be the equal of Wish List... and then there's children's picture books, which i do so little to get them actually published! yet every few years i put them on my list of things i want to achieve (probably for the last 20 years!). I have about 15 of those in some form or other, many fully laid out in miniature spreads and some could easily roll into follow up books. Maybe i'll share a spread or two in the coming days. lot's of my ideas are what is deemed 'conceptual' though and they are, apparently, a hard sell. To be fair they all seem to be a hard sell as the market has become some super safe monster governed by what Tesco might actually put on it's shelves (the answer's nearly always Julia Donaldson!).

Anyway, i only meant to post the video and look at me go.

Here's to sabbaticals... and how the hell to fund them... any ideas?

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