Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Welcome To Craigioland

My good friend and old housemate of many years, Craigio, is back with a really nice fresh looking set of art and a sparkling new website, Craigioland, to match. I always loved seeing how Craigio's head worked (don't try to figure it out!). Make sure you check out his wonderful painted objects too. Our flat used to have so many bits of it dotted around... which i now hear he burned most of when he headed off to Thailand (where he now lives and works). Anyway enjoy some colour in your life and get commissioning!

His fresh colours have inspired me to step it up on the colour front... and not long after being woken up by it all, i found a way in to a project that i had been stuck on finding a way forward with. Then i looked back at Craigio's website again and saw the source of my obvious inspiration. I shall await the lawsuit!
The (subconscious) Inspiration!
And here is where the bottle and colours took me (It even has Mexico in it! sorry Craig).
Honestly, i've had the image for ages (Yeah, sure!), but no direction for the final image. We should just have teamed up years ago and given ourselves a crazy name, something like 'Peckham Disaster', or whatnot. We'd be rich by now!! ;-)

.... It really doesn't seem so blatant when you see the rest of the series!

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