Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Missing Link?

I love this fantastic pot! It's a 14th Century mask(face) jug and gives me ideas of the cross-over i could achieve between these medieval pots and the face jugs of my previous post. The whole anthropomorphic thing going on... add to the mix the Bellarmine or Bartman and i'm in pottery heaven. One day it'll all make sense to me, hopefully. I dream of big earthenware Bellarmines covered in sgrafitto, like one big tattooed sailor! Or a slipware face, of harvest jug proportions, with words and pictures telling a story like some full-face tattooed gang member. Then i worry that it's not the done thing, not pure enough, not 'slipware'. As i know from the rest of my art though, the knack is to just start making some of these things and the right path will soon open up. I do have to stop worrying about what's 'right' though.

Bellarmine/Bartmann 1600-1650


  1. Oh my goodness - JUST DO IT!!!!


  2. You've got some great ideas Scott. Just gotta make the pots first! Can't wait to see what you do.

  3. He He! I know. I'm even starting to annoy myself now. Gotta just get going and make the stuff. I should shut up for a while hey?
    Lydia, i'm just putting off crossing that line, but if i don't go in i won't find out... i know, i know. I'm the bungee jumper on the bridge and i'm chicken!!!
    Ron, there's a package on the way to you, hope it arrives safe and sound.

    Thanks both for reporting in.. i needed the kick.

  4. That is so brilliant Scott.
    Are you familiar with french Epis de Faitage - highly glazed traditional roof finials, big in Burgundy and elsewhere in France? Nowadays they tend to be chickens or roosters but were traditional men sometimes 3 or 4 foot high with tricorn hats atop. Here's a pic of one -
    Mon Plaisir (restaurant) in Covent Garden has a couple in its window and we saw some really great ones in a folk museum at a place called Laduzin Burgundy which had me almost wetting my pants with excitement.

  5. Paul, I LOVE them!!.. how have i not come across them in all my searches??
    Definitely be doing something like that... throw in a bit of surface drawing/writing.. Magical! Wish i could see some in the flesh. Think there's a frustrated potter in you somewhere Paul! It's the future!!
    Thanks for all these tip-offs... Brazen Head is still kicking around. I've since filled my little metal head pot with lots of YES/NO slips of paper... lucky dip decisions!