Friday, 1 July 2011

Bird Song

I've taken my time getting around to posting this, i received it way back in January i reckon. Tim, a friend of mine from Nottingham, sent me a little disk of pics and video. Many moons ago, i sent Tim one of my artworks from my 'Parallel Universe' series which i used to do for the Sunday Independent newspaper. It was titled "Pencil Technical Support Helpline", which i found very amusing!! Anyway, in return Tim sent me little projects he worked on, bit of a crackpot inventor is our Tim! One was another of my drawings of a gingerbread /candy house, which Tim had printed on a board that was wired up so that when i pushed the doorbell on my picture it chimed and i was greeted with Tim and his good wife Kath's dulcet tones. I liked it ( it's run itself out now Tim... hint, hint) Anyway, i know Tim checks in on this blog, so i thought i'd post this project. He took ( i presume bought??) an old book of birdsong from a lovely old secondhand bookshop. Then he wired it up with real birdsong, when you open it the birds start singing! He then went back to the shop and replaced it back onto the shelf! I really hope people do continue to return this book and the joy. Well done Tim. (sorry i couldn't get the little video up on here)


  1. What a wonderful gift to give to others, the surprise and song of a bird.

  2. That's lovely! What a treat!