Friday, 8 July 2011

Odd Couple

I made these two last week to try out combining white and black slip. My attempt at finger wiping on the backs wasn't a success!... and my improvised comb was a little, well, wrong.... I'll cut my rubber kidney next time!!
There's a story to go with the small pot, but I'll tell you about it in a couple of days.
I also have my eye on a wheel, not the best in the world, but i just need to get on with it now and chase up any possible kiln shares etc.

On the website front, I'm slowly going loopy! I've edited the code etc to get rid of all the bits i didn't want and changed colour schemes etc, but now i'm dealing with content. That means staring at lots of my own work... and it's depressing! It was fine for a couple of days, but slowly i started removing bits, then more.. then putting them back on, taking them back off... etc etc. You look at an overview of all your work from the past couple of years and start to question it, seriously question it. It's not healthy i tell you. I was sorting out lots of images/info for my agent, for their upcoming publicity/promo material, before i started on my website. I feel like I've been analysing (over analysing) my work for a month now.

Got to just get it into decent shape and get it up. My old website is so old now, it needs to be put out to pasture... bless it.

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  1. These are great. A really interesting way to take your illustrations. Looking forward to seeing more.