Tuesday, 26 July 2011


.. it just gets in the way sometimes!
It's now over two weeks since i posted anything and not because nothings been happening. It's just so much stuff that can bring a man down... that i thought i'd keep the hit count down to just me! Lot's of stressful stuff and i don't handle it very well, it just knocks me right out and my anxiety levels shoot up and... well.. i become a zombie...the miserable kind (oh, i do like a happy zombie). Part of the stress has been my new website that isn't quite completed. I decided to do it myself and i hit a couple of technical problems when i tried to bypass my old website... and then more problems when it took my email down for 4 days! I hope it will be worth it and people find enough interesting stuff on it. There will be quite a bit of behind the scenes studio stuff on there too. I still have to add a shop, so i can sell prints and original art.. and anything else i make... hopefully pots one day.
Which brings me to my previous post all that time ago, the wheel is now sitting in my lounge!.. every night i stand and kick it spinning. I still have to get it up a couple of flights of stairs and it's heavy. I need to try and get all my helpers to be available the same evening to shift it... and i hate imposing on other people's time, really find it hard to do. I want my wheel in my workspace though, so i can start the learning curve. I haven't made any pots for a couple of weeks. I'd love to, but i have all the other stuff to do and have to prioritize, after all i can't even fire stuff yet.
Good, now i've got past the posting gap i might get back into the swing of it. I've enjoyed following everyone else's while I've been absent. Lots of great things being created out there. It's about time i did some too.


  1. Just invite everyone over for dinner or drinks one night and at some point say, "oh, you know, I've got this thing that needs moving.."

    Sorry to hear the website has been such a chore. I look forward to you getting it all sorted. I love seeing behind the scenes stuff!

    And I can totally relate to the whole mean zombie thing. I've been there a good portion of the year for some reason. Weird really. Just the way life is for us creative types I guess. :-)

    Take care.

  2. Hey Ron

    That's a good idea! My latest thinking though is to build a shack at the end of the garden and just move it out there. Frustrating as i just want to get making mistakes as soon as i can! but probably better in the long term.
    Doesn't seem to matter at the moment as just about everything is getting in the way of me taking time out to make some pots, or follow up on possible local help.. kiln etc.
    Don't stop posting those zombie moments either, you always have enough pottery posts for those folk, but some of us also enjoy the general life/art rambles.
    Loving the recent lidded pots.