Monday, 11 July 2011

I Have A Wheel !

... and it's a crazy looking beast... very Heath Robinson!... maybe that was part of it's appeal?? (That and the price) Hopefully i can pick it up real soon and get it turning! very excited about finally having a wheel. Lots of practice and wonky pots... it's a shame no one smokes anymore, as i expect to be throwing a lot of ashtrays!!! ....Now i only need to solve the kiln conundrum.


  1. Now you have gone and done it, your life will never be the same! I remember when I got my wheel, most exciting! It was just a few years ago, I kept it on the back deck, then I got a kiln, then I built a studio, look what you have to look forward to! Congrats, make lots and be happy :)

  2. Thanks Tracey and Paul. It's very exciting. My good friend John picked it up for me yesterday(how nice is that?) and it now sits in the lounge... got to figure out how to get it up to my 2nd floor workspace!!! man it's heavy. Think it will take 4 of us to get up and around bannisters etc.
    Wish i had a shed outside! got one planned though. Then i'm going to have to get it back down stairs again... oh boy!

  3. Way to go! Sorry for the long absence in commenting. Did some catching up tonight though. Yes, as Tracey said your life will never be the same. Only the beginning.