Monday, 4 July 2011

Thoughts and Actions

I haven't got my hands dirty with clay for a while now. I've had to put it aside for a couple of weeks in order to build myself a new website. All seems to be progressing well and I'm hopeful i can get it completed this week. I want to add a shop, but think I'll just get the website up and working and then start to deal with setting the shop up. I've got lots of ideas for stuff to go up for sale, need to focus and be sensible though!! Lot's of thoughts hammering around in my head right now... things to get printed, ideas for pots, a photographic/graphic collaboration, an actual product idea, and a new creative enterprise idea popped into my head last night after a lazy day of drinking G and T's, couple of beers and a bottle of red ( the best time for loose ideas and not worrying about practicalities!)
Honestly, my head feels like it's emerging from a five year fug!... shame my body won't join it.
Hang on, how old's my eldest boy?...  nearly five?... i wonder if there's a connection??
(you're damn right there is ;-)


  1. An intuitive friend of mine told me last month that as soon as the June lunar eclipses passed, things would start to happen for artists, after July 1, she said. On July 1, my head filled with so many ideas I though it would explode. All of June I struggled, not even wanting to touch clay. So weird.... seems the lunacy may be affecting you as well :)

  2. Tracey, lunacy affects me ALL the time!!! There's definitely something in it though. I just feel like i want to make anything and everything at the moment, i just hope that at least one of them works out good for me.
    Been good to see some of the fruits of your lunacy too, liking everything that's appearing.