Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Design Tweak.. Don't Panic!

Yes, the beloved grey has gone from this blog. I thought a lot about the background colour when i set up my blog, i often struggled with 'white type on black' or 'black type on white', especially at night when I'd often do my blog catching up. The white screens were just too dazzling and the black screens with that white type, just messed my eyes up too much, especially on particularly long posts.
However, I've switched to the white for the sake of harmony. My new website and shop designs have white and look like they belong together, even though they've been created separately. It figured I should get my blog into the 'family', so the change has happened. I hope the grey type still helps 'ease' the reading.
It won't be long until the website/shop/blog trinity will be resolved and put out there. Just the shop pricing and postage to figure out, It's all stocked. Stay tuned!

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