Monday, 22 August 2011

Boot Sale Booty

Haven't been to a car boot sale in a while, but we went yesterday. Picked up a few bits of pottery, which i was happy with. The puzzle jug was just a pound! 3 quid for the little sgrafitto jug of Weare Giffard Hall ( which I'm fairly sure is Harry Juniper). I actually see that the pot has spelt it Gifford, with an O instead of an A, maybe that's how come I've ended up with it! The other pot at the back is lovely, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to know much about it.... anyone? Five pounds for that one, it's about 12 inches tall, some kind of spoutless jug. Also saw quite a nice John Solly (at Winchcombe) slip trailed dish, but they wanted just a bit too much for it... well, for a boot sale!
... and Yes, I have a pink and yellow kitchen... keeps my mood up!!