Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Yep, I'm a notter, no pottery getting made here.
I have to remember I'm not a potter (yet). It's just an 'interest' (quite a consuming one).
I've really had to focus on my regular work and sorting this website/shop thing out, along with all the usual day-to-day stuff. Shop should be open for business in about a week. I'm still not sure about this blog re-design, I may revert to the old grey one, or I may just tweak this one a bit more. How's the grey text, can you read it ok?)
Here are a couple of things that I've made, or am working on. It's not much and i still need to find the time to look into getting them all fired. I will get there, It's just taking me longer than i would like. The wheel is still unmoved in the lounge. I'm guessing jakki would like it out now!

This bottom mug/tankard was inspired by this old one of mine (below). I just joined 3 strips and used off- cuts stuck roughly on, with white and black slip. It's quite a manly beast! I hope it survives to a finished glazed product, i quite fancy using it myself.

I took the boys to a Medieval day at a local castle on Sunday. I thought they might like all the Knights, horses and jousting etc. They enjoyed the toys they'd brought with them more! typical. I even asked them what the best bit of the day was.."the ice cream"!! I did get to see some lovely pots though, made by 'Jim the Pot' at Trinity Court (very popular with the re-enactment crowd)
There were some nice big jugs and a lovely water cistern in use..... why didn't i think to take a picture??

Anyway, there will be more pots soon (I feel like I'm losing my pottery readers). I've still got to make a pot for Hank's ashes (our cat, who we had to put to sleep a few weeks ago). I've just got to deal with the actual stuff that pays for our lives first.

Bear with me.


  1. I think you are more of a potter than you know. Every time you post something you have made, I love it! We have a Medieval Festival around here that we used to take Wesley to. We dressed up and strangely developed british accents and had the best time. I always loved the potters there of course, but it was all great. Of course now, my daughter is in college, (whining noise here and I can't believe I just wrote those words), so those days are over until I have some grandkids I can take!

  2. Yes get to it!
    Have you seen nous vous's pots
    Yours art better
    Theirs haven't even got beards

  3. I meant to say 'are' not 'art' freudian slip

  4. I'm still here and checking in and happy to see some pottery!! Like what you're doing. The Medieval thing sounds fun. I saw a video of that chap making a watering pot. Fun to see him on that wheel.

  5. Website's looking good, and so is the blog. I liked having a nose at your studio! Keep up the good work!