Friday, 5 August 2011

Parallel Universe 2011

Some days i feel a little like this

and other days!...

I've recently reworked a batch of my original drawings that i did for the original series, which i blogged about here. These updated ones are going on my new website, which I'll do a big launch for soon... well, I'll tell you to go look at it!... still got a few things to add/resolve.
My online shop will be up soon too, so I'm trying to get it all together. I'll be selling off my original artworks from the Parallel Universe series, along with various prints and anything else i can think of! I'm excited to finally have it all under one roof, website, blog and shop... and to have total control over it all. I hope to change it up fairly regularly to keep it all fresh and current and will add and remove various projects as i go. It's not going to be a museum.

just for good measure, here's the original Anger Management art.

I know they have qualities that the digital versions (above) don't, but to be honest i just can't handle it's limitations and folk wanting to commission them and not getting that. It worked for these because i had total control over content/colour etc.

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  1. Looking forward to the new site and online shop!