Monday, 25 March 2013

Gifts of Clay and Sound

I received these in a package the other week from a new friend, Clay Harper, that I'm working with on a fun project. He'd taken time on his travels to drop in on fellow blogger Ron Philbeck... and picked a couple of things up while he was there! Good music and good pots. Thanks Clay, and thanks to Ron. It's a great mug and lovely to finally have one of Ron's to hold and drink from. It's seen as something of a novelty in our house (still!) that I have to have a handmade cup, mug and bowls (I still don't own any plates). Jakki says she has to drink from a white mug, so all my variations just seem brown to her! The kids just see it as my little quirk too. I'll teach them eventually. It's just so nice to hold a handmade/thrown mug and examine it as you drink, think about how it's made, feel the undulations and surfaces. It's just a real pleasure, a simple pleasure, but these things really add to your quality of life. It's more than just a cylinder to hold a drink. Any of you out there still use a motley mixture of random factory made mugs, treat yourself, go and buy a really nice mug, preferably from a really nice maker in person, something you just feel a link to and use it... use it daily, you won't go back.

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  1. Glad you like the mug!! It was very cool meeting Clay.