Friday, 8 March 2013

Slab City and Sandi

While we were out at Salvation Mountain we also popped around the corner to see Slab City. A collection of RV's that come and go with the seasons, but some just stay and one of those is Sandi. Sandi has a couple of wagons up there and she makes art out of stuff she finds out in the desert. She sells it to help cover her minimal costs (as far as we made out that was just water, food and a little gas, she had solar for electrics and no ones paying any rent out there!!) We bought a piece of her art made from an old guitar and managed to get it in the suitcase at the end of the trip!... i had to unscrew the head and legs, and i packed the body out pretty good. Now we just need to find somewhere to put her. maybe out in our summer house (shed/shack), once i get her painted up this summer (if we have one).

Jakki, Sandi and the guitar.
Slab City Art HQ

Oh, the boys stayed in the car it wasn't their kind of thing... yep, not even that display of toys lured them out!

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