Wednesday, 27 March 2013


My fellow studio mates always comment on this mug's handle whenever they're making a cuppa. It's the most comfortable handle possible, the whole mug is comfortable. it has good proportions and the right weight, nothing catches you out. Looks good and feels great. I've been to ceramic shows where I've picked up pots and got this weird sensation of feeling like I'm dropping it, losing my grip, even though it's safely in my hands. Surely that's not a good sign for a pot! Anyway, this mug is the first pot I bought directly from it's maker. i picked up every available mug and moved them around in my hand and this one just spoke to me loudest. It's made by Matthew Bayman, out near Uckfield. It's only 40 mins away, but hardly anyone seems to know he's there. He coppices his own woodland for chestnut wood to fire his kiln. He did run classes, but when i discovered his little pottery he said he had stopped as it just produced too many wares clogging up his studio. I was hoping he might have made an exception for a very keen beginner, but sadly he never. I must take another trip out and pick something else up.

I've taken this from Matthews website... and weirdly it's the actual mug i bought.

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  1. Mugs are so personal. It's great to have one that suits you just right. It looks like a great pot. I'm a stickler for handles. Checked out his site. Nice work for sure.