Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Yucca, Morongo and Gar

Back to our january trip (only one more vaguely related post to come, i promise). We'd been to see Jakki's friend, Gar, play the two previous evenings up at Pappy & Harriet's out in Pioneer Town... great food and a truly lovely place. In fact it's pool room was just about as ideal a space as i could dream for playing some pool, drinking some beers and listening to some tunes on the jukebox and drinking some beers while hanging out with friends. Beat up old leather couch? check! Old jukebox? check! lots of wood and old fixtures? check! Would i like to live in it? CHECK! Did I get to play in it?... Hell no, not when you're juggling two boys, dinner and a live band! If you get to the Joshua Tree Inn you HAVE to go and find Pappy & Harriets, I loved it up there!

My dream home!

So, the day before we leave the desert to head back to LA we just spend in the area from our hotel in Joshua Tree, to Jakki's friend Gar's house in Morongo Valley. First we had a good breakfast and then went back to Desert Christ Park, which we'd been to 6 years ago on our last trip out there. It was cool to be returning to these places with the boys... cool, in both senses, it was freezing up there!... but it doesn't seem so bad when the sky is blue and the sun is shining.

Then we visit Gar's place and the cool recording studio he's built in his barn...pretty cool. Anyone want to record their next album out in the desert just give Gar a call.. At times like this i really wish i could actually play an instrument! The boys gave it a go, with Gar at the desk. They enjoyed themselves... nearly as much as getting to play Angry Birds back at his house! they'd had video game withdrawals. The view from Gar's lounge window had me mesmerised, just watching as the sun set on the mountains in the distance, like a large painting that changed every few minutes. wish I had a photo of that. Did I say i like the desert and mountains out there!

tennessee was feeling it a bit more than Tex!
I wish I'd taken more pics of the actual studio space, it was fantastic, with separate control room
and a little loft for extra gear and beds for those late night sessions.

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